A new audiological experience

in contemporary art

Dyon Scheijen was on a quest to find the perfect painting for his living room. He wanted to have something in red tones to highlight the decor in his home. After a grueling search, and no such luck, Dyon decided to create his own painting for himself. Being a true art lover, he was inspired by the work of Arie van de Pol "Gardens of Desire". With each stroke of his brush, Dyon became more excited and found that a passion for painting was discovered. He proudly hung his new painting in his living room for all to admire and from there the artist known as Dyon Scheijen was born. This was November, 1999.

Since then, Dyon's love for painting grew. He produced one piece after another, developing his own style and technique. Just like love, painting truly can not be taught, it has to be felt. Dyon believes that art comes from the heart. Just like love and life, each painting tells a different story. No two stories are ever the same. There is always something new to discover. This shines brightly through Dyon Scheijen's work.

For those who own a painting by Dyon Scheijen, they see his passion for love and life. Every day his clients discover something new in his work that they may not have noticed before. The interpretation of his work may differ from one collector to another, but so do love and life. Everyone feels something different and that is the beauty of owning a painting by Dyon Scheijen.

Dyon is multifaceted. He is a medical physicist and graduated at the Technical University of Aachen, RWTH Aachen. He works as a medical physicist at Adelante Audiology and Communication. He is specialized in tinnitus care at the Adelante Healthcare Group Hoensbroek.


Dyon Scheijen Art

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